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I don’t truly care for television, it just makes great background noise for sex.

—The Black Guy with the Beard

Changing my mind is the one thing i’m good at.¬†

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Stop being so soft bruh, you is fucking annoying. My God stop, you got the attention already, we get it my NIGGAH…….DAMN

You smell like


I’m terrified of taking my clothes off, I’ve gone from heavyweight to welterweight. Normally that is a big change in psyche both mentally and in a metaphysical sense. I filled up the space that my body once occupied with confidence, a false sense of confidence but confidence none the less. Yet i still can’t stand the sight of my body Au Naturale, in it’s primal and most vulnerable state. I huff and puff and poke my chest out, all while praying that this isn’t Gym class all over again and maybe just maybe we wont have to take anything off. It’s weird when the world sets a standard and being original becomes harder then falling in line and matching what the world wants to see. I want to lay completely bare, allowing someone to flick through my pages and the inscriptions that love has written on my heart, the scares and bent edges that the years have left on each chapter. I want to show everyone the secrets that life has etched in the midst of my pages and the lesson that it’s imprinted on my cover. I want to be “NAKED” inside and out, a vessel waiting to be filled and overflowing simultaneously¬†

She said “Stop being so light skinned”, I told her “I only do light skinned things to get your attention”.

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I wish she read my thoughts, it’s all about her. She’s the muse, the siren guiding me towards perilous waters. Bewitching me with her call and her smile, everything she does is a ploy to get me close. She doesn’t intentionally do it, it’s just my natural reaction to a creature so perfect. A being inspired to make me suffer this insistent longing within my chest and an insufferable ache working against my will. She’s perfect or she seems to be or she maybe, I know all of this are lies used to blind me from the truth of the matter. I can’t help but yearn for her, wanting her, waiting for her and knowing that she’ll never come.

My lil Man

My lil Man